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Hello all Warbird Enthusiasts!

Well, I see that it has been 8 months since my last update and of course that is way too long.

I had promised to keep this website updated in a more timely manner, and failed miserably.  So, without any further excuses, here is what is going on.

My business associate and I started this adventure several years ago, and in late 05 we were approached by a UAS manufacturer to work on a project for them.  We did, and while I cannot share any information about that project, the result was that we were juggling the WPD props and this other activity at the same time throughout 2006 and into 2007.  While it was exciting, it totally pushed the WPD work to the back of the activity list.  

In 2007, my business associate (who is the aerodynamics, mechanical, control theory and manufacturing talent on WPD) had additional opportunities with another entity, and the focus of his efforts was again directed away from WPD.  

Which kind of brings us to now.  Over the last few months, our engineer has been working on a multitude of projects, one of which was to update and improve on WPD.  This has been slow work, because it has to be slotted in between all the other work that he does.  Progress has been made, but of course, not a quickly as expected or desired.

The reason I am giving you all this background is because I don’t like the feeling of not being able to deliver on a promise; in my day job, and in my safety volunteer work, I do what I say and that is just the way it is.  Development is something that appears to have an untold number of issues that continue to crop up and cause unforeseen delays, which I am not used to and I don’t necessarily like it that way, but some of this is beyond my control.

We were supposed to have some new designs ready for static and flight test by this summer. It’s August, and I don’t have a firm or notional schedule on when the new design will be ready to do some sort of testing.  When it is ready, I will absolutely post it on here.

Q: When will the prop and drive be available?

A: We don’t know when.  No guesses since until the engineering team gets me a prototype for testing.

Q:  Will your drive fit XXX motor?  Can you make props in XXX size, Will your drive fit XXX airplane?

A:  The drive/prop was originally designed for the DA 50 and ZDZ 50 and the Top Flight Giant Scale 84” wingspan P-51 Mustang. 

 It will fit into the Aerotech Mustang.  It will fit into the Comp-Arf/FiberClassics Mustang but the prop would be too small to be “scale”.  

We will make different sized props however we have to do one size first to make sure we get all the bugs out of it so no projections on other motors/prop diameters/prop planforms.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  The proposed prices were:

Drive 300 USD 
Prop Hub plus Constant Speed Governor 390 USD 
Blades 30 each USD

Q:  I don’t care about the Constant Speed prop, can you just sell me a drive?

A:  The drive without a CS prop we don’t think will provide acceptable performance.  While we made an adaptor for the excellent SoloProp made by Carl Peter, we are not planning to release the drive without our prop.

Q:  Can you just send me the plans and I’ll just make the parts myself?

A:  No, when we finally sell the drives and props, we want to make money to repay ourselves for what we have put into the project.

Q:  Can I help you do development/testing/make parts for you?

A:  Those are very generous offers, but the engineering folks really want to continue to own this process and so I will have to respectfully turn down those offers.

Folks, that’s about it.  I am considering just stopping the whole project since I don’t enjoy telling all of you no and not being able to show progress on what we are doing, but I will keep things going as long as the engineering talent tells me that progress is being made.  

If I had it all to do over again, I would only be here with a finished project; you would never see me “making sausage”!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  I’m off to fly….something!
Thanks for your continued interest

Joe Boyd

The install shot from Lynn Langer at Toledo 06.  Gives you a good idea how it all fits.

The install shot from Lynn Langer at Toledo 06.  Gives you a good idea how it all fits.