AUG 12 2008 Update
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Our reduction drive allows you to utilize a smaller motor to spin a much bigger, scale prop. The 2.6:1 reduction ratio lets you take the mechanical advantage that it provides and drive a 26” 4-bladed  working scale prop for maximum performance.  No more compromise using a  non-scale, lower performance 22” or 24” 2 bladed prop.  

5G WPD Drive mounted in the TF-P51D Mustang without the DA-50R or scale exhaust

The compact, dual bearing, cantilevered mounting configuration lets you use popular rear induction motors to keep the cylinder head and the carb inside the cowl, where they belong.

The WPD Warbird Reduction Drive is designed to accept our WPD Constant Speed Propeller. (Also works with the Soloprop fixed pitch ground adjustable prop).

5G WPD Reduction Drive

So, why did we make the changes you see here.  A few reasons

1.  The previous design didn't allow for a flywheel to fit within the cowl.  The new one does.

2.  You can now easily tension the belt while the drive and motor are mounted on the aircraft.

3.  You can remove one side frame completely and service the motor or aircraft, and not affect anything else on the alignment of the drive.

4.  The drive is designed from the get-go to accommodate our adjustable pitch prop and its actuating mechanism.

5.  This prototype is designed to allow the use on 100cc sized motors and larger.

6.  The synchronous belt design (cogged belt) had problems with the belt being able to take the load of a 4 blade prop.  The vibration was killing the belts way too quickly.

7.  The slightly different spacing between the engine case and the drive hub that we have seen in motors in the field caused alignment problems on the previous design.  Our new design allows for fore/aft adjustment of the drive relative to the motor, allowing for perfect alignment of the pulleys and minimal belt wear.

8.  This design will more easily accommodate other motors.  We aren't ready to offer other motors just quite yet, but we will.

Please keep in mind that this is a prototype only, and the production model will have some functional as well as cosmetic enhancements.  The large pulley is aluminum, the small pulley is steel (we may change that), the flywheel is steel, the front, side and back frames are steel for NO flex and strength.  The prop hub adaptor is aluminum.  We will be lightening all of these structures, but for now, we just want to get them in the air and show them at Toledo. 


5G WPD Reduction Drive Mounted in the Mustang before lightening holes