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FINAL UPATE  05.22.10

You all have been patient with us while we sorted out a bunch of things behind the scenes.

So, not to drag things out, here is the short version of a long series of stories.

In 2003, we started on the Mustang prop.  We got a UAS development contract in 2007 so stopped working on the Mustang prop.  We finished the contract but had some issues internal to the effort.  This effectively stopped both the UAS work and the Mustang Warbird Prop. 

I became very re-engaged at the airlines-upgraded to Captain at the same time my mom got sick and died. 

I also became a member of the FAA sUAS ARC representing ALPA.in October 2008 and started my new job working UAS issues full time-and I mean FULL time.  

My old business partner never was able to get re-engaged in either project for reasons that he would best be able to explain.

As much as I would really like to have a scale, 4 bladed warbird prop, I have no time to do any development. 

I have been approached several times about purchasing the prototype, drawings, etc.  My business partner owns 1/2 of those rights.  I have sent him email to see if he is interested.  As of the date at the top of this page, he has not responded. My guess is that he really doesn't want to sell anything, but I'll let him be the final word on that.  The IP for all of this work greatly belongs to him. I worked primarily on the development of the governor with a good friend-my business partner worked on the mechanics of the hub, blade design and fabrication, and the reduction drive.

I'd buy a 4 bladed scale P-51 prop if someone was making one as i have a TF GS mustang and a FC 101" WS Mustang. It would be really great to fly those planes with that type of prop.  I will not be developing that myself. 

For those intersted in developing a prop, our price point was going to be about 700-800 for reduction drive, prop, governor. Pretty expensive for a TF GS Mustang. probably acceptable for a FC/Comp Arf Mustang (of which there are approximately 150 in the world).

The development effort took over 5 years, $60,000 of my own money plus what we got frrom the UAS company for the seperate development, and a huge toll on my home life.  So, develop away but in my case, the cost was pretty high without a payoff in the end.

The emails from this webpage all go to an old account that I rarely monitor.  I will keep this site up for a bit so those interested can get the answers to their questions on this page.

If my partner responds in the affirmative that he would like to sell our IP, I will post it here and attempt to contat the indifivuals who are intersted in purchasing the IP and associated prototypes. 

Of course, anything associated with the UAS project is for that company only and not for sale.

It has been an interesting, fun and frustrating project.  Good luck to all who continue down this path. I'll buy two if you make them and they work.  1 for a DA 50 and 1 for a DA 85.

Best Regard

Joe Boyd


We are making a few changes to the website to make it easier to get around. 

Click here to see some pictures of the Mustang Hamilton-Standard Blades installed in the hub

If you would like to see our latest update of December 26th, 2007 click here

Test Stand Failure movie click here with Post Mortem on damaged blades OUCH!! (26MB and about 3 minutes long (same link below))

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More pictures of the Constant Speed prop and information about how it works are here

We've kept the Toledo Update info and other update info here

EagleTree Data and the test stand movie is here


Test Stand Failure movie click here with Post Mortem on damaged blades OUCH!! (26MB and about 3 minutes long



Short (15MB) 4 blade governed test movie here

For a short (15 seconds) movie of how much the pitch does change on the prop click here 

For a HUGE file (45MB) of the Constant Speed prop running for about 3 minutes click here

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We are still planning on selling the Constant Speed Scale Propellers, but we do not have a date we can give you. I know that this is frustrating (believe me, I KNOW!!) but rather than make projections and miss them, we would rather update you on our progress. Next flight test is planned within October

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